StoreJon Tiven has just finished producing a new album by CREED BRATTON, who in a previous incarnation was the guitarist and singer with rock group The Grass Roots, but currently has achieved greater fame on the NBC television show The Office.
On the show, Creed plays a burnt out ex-rocker named Creed---what a stretch---and his character has been steadily gaining a large cult following. The album consists mainly of songs written by Creed, many with Tiven and collaborators such as Felix Cavaliere, Don Pedigo, and P.F. Sloan, and guest appearances are made by Bekka Bramlett, Jonell Mosser, and Wayne Carson. We will be linking to Creed's site soon where you can listen to and purchase his music.

Tiven has recently completed producing the latest album by HOWARD TATE, legendary blues/soul singer famed for such classic songs as "Look At Granny Run Run" and "Get It While You Can." The entire album was written or cowritten by Tiven with collaborators such as Dan Penn, Sir Mack Rice, Hubert Sumlin, Syl Johnson, Mason Casey, Charlie Feldman, Steve Cropper, Felix Cavaliere, Joe Bonamassa, Ellis Hooks, and Howard himself. Most of these cowriters make cameo appearances on the album, as does Mike Farris, who sings a tremendous version of "If God Brought You To It" as a duet with Howard. Evidence Records is due to release the album sometime before the summer, and it's entitled BLUE BLUE DAY. Bass on the album is by Sally Tiven, drums by Chester Thompson, Craig Krampf, Billy Block, Omar Hakim, and Tiven himself. The record is quite a showcase for Tiven as a multi-instrumentalist, as he plays pretty much all of the other instruments himself (guitars, organ, piano, saxophones, harmonica, sitar, and percussion. Background vocals are by Mike Farris, Jonell Mosser, Essra Mohawk, and.....Tiven.

Nearing completion is the STEVE CROPPER/FELIX CAVALIERE cd NUDGE IT UP A NOTCH, due in July on Stax/Concord Records. The album was cowritten and coproduced by Cropper, Cavaliere, and Tiven with lyrical assists from Henry Gross and Tom Hambridge on three tracks. "I don't play on this one at all, it sort of balances out the Tate record," explains Tiven, "I tracked the record initially with Steve and Felix and then we brought in bassist Shake Anderson and drummer Chester Thompson to make it a little funkier."
JT recently collaborated with STEWART FRANCKE on four songs for his new album, the follow up to the critically acclaimed "Motor City Serenade" which came out on Zane in the U.K. two years ago. Tiven produced and cowrote "It's A Secret," "Negatively Fourth Street," "Can't Find Fats," and "Love Is The Only Law." No release information is available yet.
Tiven is currently producing and cowriting new songs with JONELL MOSSER, CHUCK MEAD, BEKKA BRAMLETT, and MARTY BROWN. We will make more information available on these projects as they get closer to a release.